Aaagh! It’s The Mr. Hell Show

'Aaagh! It's the Mr. Hell Show' Main Menu Pink Pigeon

Award-winning BBC series starring Bob Monkhouse as Mr. Hell. The 2 disc set of the animated comedy show features a Director’s commentary, unseen footage, original drawings, audio out-takes, and even a hidden Easter Egg.

With the luxury of having access to many of the shows original animation assets, we created new animations especially for the DVD menu. We brought Mr. Hell to life using audio out-takes from the show allowing him to speak directly to the viewer, and then added in other characters to make the menus as engaging as possible. We also paid particular attention to the menu transitions to ensure a smooth navigating feel throughout the content rich DVD. David Freedman, the show’s co-creator, enthused:

Gorgeous job. Really fun and, yes, you can quote me. The menu you created adds real value to the DVD, and perhaps will encourage people to buy it instead of downloading episodes off the internet!

The DVD was released in both PAL and NTSC versions by MVM Entertainment.

'Aaagh! It's the Mr. Hell Show' Chapter Menu Pink Pigeon

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