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Adam Roberts 'Dance Films' main menu Pink Pigeon

As an award winning Dance Filmmaker, Pink Pigeon’s Simon Boyd was delighted when The Jonathan Burrows Group entrusted the authoring house with the DVD production of Dance Films by Adam Roberts.

Working closely with Adam Roberts on every aspect of the project, Simon developed a design style that was applied to the DVD menu, video cover and on-body disc print. It was imperative for Adam that the films looked immaculate once on DVD format. “Our compressionists experimented with various settings and encoders – once again the CinemaCraft Encoder delivered the results we were looking for.” Confirms Simon Boyd at Pink Pigeon.  After pre-mastering the DVD-9 project to DLT, Pink Pigeon liaised with the factory overseeing the disc manufacturing for The Jonathan Burrows Group and were therefore involved in the entire process. Adam Roberts explains his involvement with Pink Pigeon:

I can’t remember how I came across Pink Pigeon, but am seriously delighted with how this project went and how it looks. I came with a very mixed bag of films – some in colour, some in grainy 8mm black and white and some in glossy 35mm. The challenge was to make them all work together. Simon and his colleagues took vague and sketchy ideas, and designed a menu and cover that communicates eloquently, and makes using the DVD a classy delight. This disc has gone out all over the world now and the feedback has been tremendous. Many of the films were well known already, but the DVD has brought them back to life. Oh, and I shouldn’t forget to mention that Simon was the editor in remaking credits and soundtracks on some of the films. Plus, their encoder is simply amazing; and last but not least, they are a lovely bunch of people.

Adam Roberts 'Dance Films' Jonathan Burrows 'Stop Quartet' Pink Pigeon

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