Black Gold

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We first met Nick and Marc Francis back in 2003, before they started filming Black Gold; having replied to a request on Shooting People. We were slightly jumping the gun, as they were requesting production crew at the time, and it would be another three years before the DVD was required. However the brothers duly returned after making their film and we had the chance to work on a truly eye-opening documentary that was already creating shock waves.

The film puts the spotlight on the inequalities present in the multi-billion dollar coffee industry, in which the impoverished Ethiopian coffee growers are very much the losers. Since its premiere in 2006, the film has provoked not only worldwide media scrutiny, intense debate, and meetings with political leaders but, crucially, an increase in the money paid to the farmers.

We designed the motion menus and navigational feel of the DVD in line with the strong brand identity of the film, creating a smooth and functional experience for the viewer. The DVD includes video extras, five subtitle options, along with English and Amharic audio tracks.

Black Gold Chapter Menu English Pink Pigeon

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