Dorling Kindersley ‘The Cooking Book’

Dorling Kindersley 'The Cooking Book' main menu Pink Pigeon

A first commission for Dorling Kindersley, we were selected to produce the DVD to accompany their publication The Cooking Book. The DVD illustrates some of the techniques described in the book.

We worked closely with our friends Spicer and Moore, who filmed and off-lined the project, before handing over to us to add title graphics, on-line and create the DVD. Simplicity in design was of the utmost importance, in keeping with the feel of the book. This was achieved making both client and customers incredibly happy:

This is the best cookery book I have ever seen! I absolutely love it. It has every recipe in it that you could ever want. There is a photograph for every recipe, which really helps and makes it very appealing. It is very simple and easy to follow. The DVD is fantastic.

Dorling Kindersley 'The Cooking Book' sub menu Pink Pigeon

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