Catherine Yass ‘High Wire’

Catherine Yass 'High Wire' Installation View Pink Pigeon

A multi-screen film and video installation by Catherine Yass commissioned and produced by Artangel. High Wire was filmed in North Glasgow in 2007 at the Red Road housing estate, the highest social housing in Europe when it was built in 1963. With a tiny video camera attached to his head French high-wire artist Didier Pasquette traversed the space between two tower blocks, walking on a very thin wire.

We encoded the four films for multi-screen projection, matching the frame size to the output of the projector for best quality. The installation was first shown at Glasgow International at The Centre for Contemporary Arts in spring 2008 and later at the German Gymnasium in King’s Cross, London. Catherine comments:

Pink Pigeon have produced an excellent encoding job for me. The process was complex and they researched every avenue to decide on the best approach. As specialists in encoding, they’re much more knowledgeable than those at most other editing houses and you don’t get moved around from person to person.

We continue to work with Catherine and her gallery Alison Jacques, providing video and DVD services.

Catherine Yass 'High Wire' Close Up Pink Pigeon

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