Motorhead ‘Get Back In Line’

The Ace of Spades 'Fuck The Establishment' Pink Pigeon

This is what want for Christmas – a bunch of seasoned rockers beating up greedy fat-cat bankers! While it might seem like a bit of fun to try to emulate Rage Against The Machine and pip X-factor to Christmas number one, turning on the news today the message seems altogether more sinister.

You could well be mistaken that beating up fat-cat bankers is exactly what we want for Christmas.

The controversial video for Motörhead’s new song “Get Back In Line” is directed by Geraldine Geraghty of Kyng Films, and included on the bonus DVD of the band’s forthcoming album “The World is Yours”.
In addition the DVD features interviews with band members, and an acoustic version of their hit song “Ace of Spades”, soundtrack to a recent Kronenberg ad. We encoded the video, designed the menu, inserted subtitles and authored the DVD, a precursor to a bigger DVD release in the new year.

Opening with shots of bankers gambling and snorting cocaine, the band storm this den of iniquity and using their fists, broken table legs, and bottles, smash it to pieces. Heartfelt lyrics scream out -
“We are trapped in luxury, starving on parole, No one told us who to love, we have sold our souls,” conveying the anger and disappointment felt by frontman, Lemmy, with his generation;

Giving bonuses to the people who just fouled the Gulf of Mexico, and their own grandchildren are going to have to wear gas masks to go to school. And they still go on doing it, raking in the greedy dollar. I can’t believe it. I flat out can’t believe it. All them big guys control the governments of the world completely. I mean there’s no fooling there. F**king pigs, to use an old fashioned word.
Never Trust anybody over 35 except me.

Whether it is greedy bankers, politicians with broken promises, or the oppression of free speech that provokes your ire this Christmas, buying this song would be a better way of making a statement than actually beating bankers up in real life. In real life, the bankers in the video are actors, traditionally underpaid, who could no doubt do with a few extra pennies in their pockets this Christmas.

Motörhead 'Get Back In Line' Pink Pigeon

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