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17 December 2010 by Will

We provided Colour Grading, DVD Encoding, Authoring and Pre-Mastering services to Martin Creed for the 'Thinking / Not Thinking' music video DVD, starring Orson and Sparky. - read more

10 December 2010 by Will

We provided DVD authoring, encoding and menu design services for the release of Motörhead's new album The World is Yours Bonus DVD, featuring the Get Back in Line music video. - read more

28 September 2010 by Will

Technology moves faster than legislation. Theories from social science reveal why a rationalist legal approach often does more harm than good when tackling online piracy. Businesses should instead seek to innovate new business models, and the law could try to bridge the gap between established industries and new technology. - read more

31 July 2010 by Will

Employed by 1000heads, Ben shot and edited a short video documenting five bloggers supplied with sports cars kitted out with the latest #NokiaNav gear. - read more

28 July 2010 by Will

We launched our new website for DVD Authoring and Post Production services in July 2010, featuring a short and completely random video introduction by Ben, aka BennyCrime. - read more

27 July 2010 by Will

Pigeon poos in Kings of Leon bassist's mouth. - read more

22 July 2010 by Will

Our new website features a 360 panoramic of Soho, talking pigeons, examples of our work and details of our DVD Authoring and Post Production services. - read more

11 May 2010 by Will

Starring Jewel Shepard as Christina, ‘Playgirl of the Western World’, who is constantly looking for new experiences and adventure. DVD Authoring by Pink Pigeon. - read more

26 March 2010 by Will

Starring a German Shepherd called London. For the first series released by Mediumrare Entertainment, we created a sing-a-long, designed menus, encoded the video, and authored the DVD. - read more

24 March 2010 by Will

Starring Telly Savalas the eponymous hero. For Kojak Seasons 2 and 3 released by Mediumrare Entertainment, we completed DVD Authoring, Motion Menu Design and Video Encoding. - read more