Food Standards Agency ‘Safer Food Better Business’

'Safer Food Better Business' DVD Catering Staff Menu Pink Pigeon

839 menus plus smooth menu transitions, 16 languages, 16 audio tracks, subtitles, interactive buttons over video, language detection, 14 out of the 16 memory registers available on a DVD player used, and a few more grey hairs!

We were sub-contracted by Mook to complete the DVD-Video section of the Safer Food Better Business DVD for the Food Standards Agency, Mook themselves undertaking the enhanced ROM section of the DVD and website.

Translating a project from Flash to DVD-Video requires a thorough understanding of the capabilities of the format. Planning on such a large project was crucial, and being involved from an early stage made all the difference. Video was re-edited to accommodate interactive buttons over video, audio re-synced, menus re-designed, fonts manipulated, the encoding and authoring planned meticulously.

The end result is both smooth and functional, with little indication of the complexity hidden under the hood.

'Safer Food Better Business' DVD Cross Contamination Menu Pink Pigeon

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