Sam Taylor-Wood ‘Sigh’

Sam Taylor-Wood 'Sigh' 1st Violins Pink Pigeon

Sigh was a multi-screen installation made in collaboration with the BBC Concert Orchestra as part of Sam Taylor-Wood’s Yes | No exhibition at the White Cube gallery in 2008. The musicians play a newly commissioned score by the Academy Award-winning composer Anne Dudley, without their instruments.

It is compelling. The absence of instruments makes us focus on what musicians do. As we watch every movement and follow every look, we slowly find ourselves drawn into an intensely personal and private performance. The conductor’s intake of breath in the moment before playing echoes Jeff Buckley’s emotional sigh at the start of Hallelujah.

We were involved in the creation of this work from an early stage, as projectors, screens and codecs were tested months before the opening. Our role was to encode the 8 video screens and make sure they were in sync with the 32 audio tracks. This was ultimately achieved using an audible LTC track with the master screen, which provided a timecode signal for the mixing desk. The audio was then mixed on-site to fit the dynamics of the installation space.

Sam Taylor-Wood 'Sigh' Conductor Pink Pigeon

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