DVD Authoring

DVD Authoring is the process of creating a DVD. Pink Pigeon has over 10 years experience creating retail DVDs, with our professional DVD Authoring services your DVD will have:

  • Fast, Responsive Functionality
  • Great Quality Video
  • Eye-catching Design
  • Smooth, Seamless User Experience

Our experienced DVD authors have an intimate knowledge of all the powerful features available.

• We hand-code each of our DVDs, so there is no unnecessary code slowing down the navigation.
• We use the world’s best video encoder, to ensure your video looks immaculate.
• We design motion menus and author them correctly to avoid pauses during menu transitions.
• We can create high-end functionality including games and user-defined playlists.
• We can create hybird DVDs complete with weblinks and downloadable content.
• We can protect your assets with professional copy protection.

Pink Pigeon has created interactive and engaging DVDs for high-end clients such as:

Lord Alan Sugar
Film Distributors
The Food Standards Agency

Remember DVD is more than just a 1.2mm thick disc – it will be how people experience your film. Moreover, if you are selling your DVD it will be an important source of income. Sales of Blu-ray discs and DVDs remain the largest source of revenue for the movie industry, accounting for 61% of home video spending on movies in 2012. (DVD Intelligence)

Whether it’s a source of income or a source of pride, trust your project to experienced professionals who excel in DVD Authoring. For a free consultation please call Sophie, Terry or Will on 020 7439 3266.

17 December 2010 by Will

We provided Colour Grading, DVD Encoding, Authoring and Pre-Mastering services to Martin Creed for the 'Thinking / Not Thinking' music video DVD, starring Orson and Sparky. - read more

10 December 2010 by Will

We provided DVD authoring, encoding and menu design services for the release of Motörhead's new album The World is Yours Bonus DVD, featuring the Get Back in Line music video. - read more

28 July 2010 by Will

We launched our new website for DVD Authoring and Post Production services in July 2010, featuring a short and completely random video introduction by Ben, aka BennyCrime. - read more

11 May 2010 by Will

Starring Jewel Shepard as Christina, ‘Playgirl of the Western World’, who is constantly looking for new experiences and adventure. DVD Authoring by Pink Pigeon. - read more

26 March 2010 by Will

Starring a German Shepherd called London. For the first series released by Mediumrare Entertainment, we created a sing-a-long, designed menus, encoded the video, and authored the DVD. - read more

24 March 2010 by Will

Starring Telly Savalas the eponymous hero. For Kojak Seasons 2 and 3 released by Mediumrare Entertainment, we completed DVD Authoring, Motion Menu Design and Video Encoding. - read more

23 March 2010 by Will

We digitized the films, adjusted the audio levels, edited the six screening reels and trailer for the 8th Wood Green International Short Film Festival. - read more

15 March 2010 by Will

For seasons 2-9 released by Mediumrare Entertainment, we provided DVD Authoring, Menu Design and Video Encoding services. We also QC'd every episode and in total watched just under 165 hours of The Flying Doctors - we are now certified RFDS nuts! - read more

1 February 2010 by Will

Never Trust a Man in a Wig includes six short films written and performed by performance artist Scottee. DVD Authoring and Duplication by Pink Pigeon. - read more

26 November 2009 by Will

Released by Mediumrare Entertainment, starring Lee Majors as Colonel Steve Austin. DVD Authoring, Menu Design and Video Encoding by Pink Pigeon. - read more