DVD Pre-mastering

After DVD Authoring, your project may require DVD Pre-mastering; The preparation of DLT or DDP images for submission to a replication facility. Only necessary if you are replication a DVD, as opposed to duplicating.

In DVD Pre-mastering you set the region-code for the DVD, CSS encryption and DDP format. Often the image is written to a DLT, a magnetic storage format. When this process was first invented, it was thought that only Hollywood studios would be able to produce DVDs, and the state-of-the-art medium for exchanging large amounts of data was DLT (Digital Linear Tape). Today DDP images can also be written as data on a DVD, or transferred via FTP to a replication facility.

At Pink Pigeon, before your project leaves for the factory, you have the assurance and peace of mind in knowing your DVD has been correctly laid out according to the DVD specification. We can:

  • Submit spec perfect DLTs to the replication facility
  • Check for a valid dual layer break point on DVD-9 projects
  • Write and verify DLTs

We provide bit-for-bit verification on each project we write to DLT. After writing each DLT, we read the data back into our system and verify against the source. We also provide MD5 checksums on DDP images submitted via DVD or FTP.

Replication runs so much smoother when you know your DVD is spec perfect, and at Pink Pigeon we guarantee there won’t be a ‘bit’ out of place!

17 December 2010 by Will

We provided Colour Grading, DVD Encoding, Authoring and Pre-Mastering services to Martin Creed for the 'Thinking / Not Thinking' music video DVD, starring Orson and Sparky. - read more

26 March 2010 by Will

Starring a German Shepherd called London. For the first series released by Mediumrare Entertainment, we created a sing-a-long, designed menus, encoded the video, and authored the DVD. - read more

24 March 2010 by Will

Starring Telly Savalas the eponymous hero. For Kojak Seasons 2 and 3 released by Mediumrare Entertainment, we completed DVD Authoring, Motion Menu Design and Video Encoding. - read more

15 March 2010 by Will

For seasons 2-9 released by Mediumrare Entertainment, we provided DVD Authoring, Menu Design and Video Encoding services. We also QC'd every episode and in total watched just under 165 hours of The Flying Doctors - we are now certified RFDS nuts! - read more

26 November 2009 by Will

Released by Mediumrare Entertainment, starring Lee Majors as Colonel Steve Austin. DVD Authoring, Menu Design and Video Encoding by Pink Pigeon. - read more

21 October 2009 by Will

Featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Super Stars of Muscle”, we completed the Menu Design and DVD Authoring for this 2010 release by Mediumrare Entertainment. - read more

31 May 2009 by Will

Starring Paul Nicholas, this DVD release by Mediumrare Entertainment includes a collage-style motion menu, a short documentary, actor biogs, stills gallery and episode commentary by the star himself. - read more

20 January 2009 by Will

We were sub-contracted by Mook to complete the DVD Authoring on "Safer Food Better Business" for The Food Standards Agency. Comprising 839 menus, 16 languages, and 16 audio tracks. - read more

5 January 2009 by Will

We completed the DVD production on Diabetes Day to Day. Including motion menu designs, DVD authoring, pre-mastering to DLT, and an in-house duplication run. - read more

26 June 2008 by Will

We completed title graphics, on-line editing and DVD authoring for the DVD insert to accompany 'The Cooking Book', published by Dorling Kindersley. Simplicity in design was of the utmost importance, in keeping with the feel of the book. - read more