Mediumrare Entertainment

Mediumrare Entertainment is a DVD distribution company based in the UK. Pink Pigeon have worked on a number of DVDs they have released. We have provided DVD Authoring, Video Encoding and Motion Menu Design services amongst others.

We create a master for each DVD which we send to the replicator for manufacturing. This is typically delivered on a DLT or sent as a DDP Image on disc or via FTP. Each master receives a full QC and is approved by Mediumrare before it is sent to be replicated. Pink Pigeon are not responsible for the manufacturing or packaging of DVDs, please contact your retailer should you need a replacement for your product. For information about DVD Production please read our Guide to DVD Production.

If you are interested in a particular DVD please visit the Mediumrare Entertainment website for information about purchasing and release dates for new titles.

Below is a selection of jobs we have completed for Mediumrare Entertainment:

11 May 2010 by Will

Starring Jewel Shepard as Christina, ‘Playgirl of the Western World’, who is constantly looking for new experiences and adventure. DVD Authoring by Pink Pigeon. - read more

26 March 2010 by Will

Starring a German Shepherd called London. For the first series released by Mediumrare Entertainment, we created a sing-a-long, designed menus, encoded the video, and authored the DVD. - read more

24 March 2010 by Will

Starring Telly Savalas the eponymous hero. For Kojak Seasons 2 and 3 released by Mediumrare Entertainment, we completed DVD Authoring, Motion Menu Design and Video Encoding. - read more

15 March 2010 by Will

For seasons 2-9 released by Mediumrare Entertainment, we provided DVD Authoring, Menu Design and Video Encoding services. We also QC'd every episode and in total watched just under 165 hours of The Flying Doctors - we are now certified RFDS nuts! - read more

26 November 2009 by Will

Released by Mediumrare Entertainment, starring Lee Majors as Colonel Steve Austin. DVD Authoring, Menu Design and Video Encoding by Pink Pigeon. - read more

21 October 2009 by Will

Featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Super Stars of Muscle”, we completed the Menu Design and DVD Authoring for this 2010 release by Mediumrare Entertainment. - read more

31 May 2009 by Will

Starring Paul Nicholas, this DVD release by Mediumrare Entertainment includes a collage-style motion menu, a short documentary, actor biogs, stills gallery and episode commentary by the star himself. - read more